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Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Online Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Forms for Requesting Payment from the College

See the Business Office Purchasing Policies for a complete list of College purchasing policies.

Requisition Form

Use this form to request a purchase order, event/travel advance for staff, or pay an honorarium. Please do not use this form for reimbursements, stipends, or to pay an invoice; just sign the invoice, include the full account number and send it to the Business Office.

Requisition Form [PDF, 208KB]

Expense/Travel Reimbursement Form

Use this form to request reimbursement for expenses or clear a cash advance. If you need help with this form, please come by the Business Office or email

Reimbursement form [18KB Excel Worksheet]

Wire Transfer Request Form

This form works as the Requisition for the payment and gathers the wire instructions needed for the Business Office to send the transfer. Wire transfers can take up to 10 days to process.

Use this form when you need to make a payment by wire transfer. [PDF, 163KB]

Stipend Payment Request Form

Use this form to request stipend payments College faculty and staff. [PDF, 101KB]

Use this form to request stipend payments to students [PDF, 142KB]

Vendor Form/Form W-9

All new vendors must complete this Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form [PDF, 79KB] prior to receiving payment from the College. We will also accept a standard Federal Form W-9. Vendors that wish to be paid electronically via ACH should also complete this form.

Payment of International Visitors Form

Please contact the business office for assistance filling out this form. The rules related to compensation of foreign persons are quite complex. Please provide as much lead time as possible to allow for completion of the proper paperwork. If you intend to contract with a foreign person for a speaking engagement or other services, please contact the Accounting Manager,

Referee Payment Request Form

Referee Payment Request Form

Lost Student Payroll Check Form

Complete this form if you have lost your payroll check so that we can replace it for you. [Word Doc, 19KB]

College Credit Card Related Forms

College Credit Card Application

Use this form to apply for a College credit card. [PDF, 85KB]

Missing Receipts

No Receipt Given

Use this form to document small dollar amount College credit card expenses such as tolls, parking meters and vending machines that accept credit cards, but do not print receipts. Receipts for expenses under $25.00 are encouraged, but not required. This form is not to be used for receipts that are lost.

No Receipt Documentation form [Word Doc, 16K]

Lost Receipt

This form can be used in the rare circumstance that a receipt cannot be replaced by the vendor for a College credit card charge. It is the responsibility of the employee to retain receipts for their monthly College credit card statement (aka expense report) or to obtain replacement copies from the vendor. Receipts for expenses under $25.00 are encouraged, but not required.

Lost Receipt form [PDF, 64KB]

Credit Card Dispute/Billing Inquiry Form

Use this form if you have fraudulent or disputed charges on your College Credit Card. If you believe an item on your statement is in error, complete and sign this form [PDF, 27KB] We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we send you the first bill on which the error or problem occurred.

Deposit Slips

Download and print these deposit slips [PDF, 21KB] for attaching to cash/check deposits with the Business Office.

Project Accounting Request

Use this form to request a project in Colleague. [PDF, 58KB]

This document is not accessible to screen readers. Please request accommodation from the Business Office if needed.

Transfer Request

Use this form to transfer funds from one GL account to another.