Contact Us

The Business Office is located on the second floor of Mandelle Hall, Room 201 (across from the Olmsted Room).

Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You can also send inquires and requests to

Jenna LeRoy

Director of Finance

Phone: 269.337.7228

Contact Jenna regarding:
  • Departmental budgets
  • Gift cards and gift certificates
  • Copies of financial statements
  • Unresolved problems related to Business Office policies and procedures

Jack Fuller

Senior Accountant

Phone: 269.337.7224

Contact Jack regarding:
  • Cash transactions
  • Investment transactions
  • TRX payments
  • Slate payments
  • Fixed assets

Molly Wunderlich

Accounting Manager

Phone: 269.337.5779

Contact Molly regarding:
  • Viewing reports in WebAdvisor or Hornet HQ
  • Direct deposits for Payroll and Accounts Payable (reimbursements, cash advances, etc.)
  • College credit cards/purchasing cards
  • Other issues related to expense reimbursements and vendor payments
  • Payments of foreign persons
  • Unresolved issues related to student accounts policies and procedures
  • Payments to individuals who are considered nonresident for US tax purposes
  • Payments to vendors outside of the United States

Jeffrey M. Moran

Accounting Associate

Phone: 269.337.7249

Contact Jeffrey regarding:
  • Cash advances
  • Password reset for IntelliLink
  • Training for IntelliLink
  • College credit card and purchasing policies
  • Transfer requests and charge backs
  • Deposits
  • Travel and event advances
  • Vendor payments

Juan Muniz

Student Accounts Specialist

Phone: 269.337.7226

Contact Juan regarding:
  • Tuition fees
  • Room and Board charges
  • Account balances
  • Tuition payment plans

Hilari Sabo

Payroll and Accounting Associate

Phone: 269.337.7410

Contact Hilari regarding:
  • Student payroll
  • Payroll for faculty/staff

Erin Rominger


Phone: 269.337.7229

Contact Erin regarding:
  • Deposits
  • Vendor payments
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Purchase orders
  • TRX payments
  • Slate payments
  • Fixed assets
  • Credit card report review

Brandon Homan

Associate Controller

Phone: 269.337.7285

Contact Brandon regarding:
  • Cash and investment transactions
  • GL accounts

Sarah Gearhart

Business Office Assistant

Phone: 269.337.7250

Contact Sarah regarding:
  • Submission of student employee I-9 forms
  • Submission of W-9 forms
  • Requests for certificates of insurance and claim investigations