Project Accounting

Project Accounting helps to maintain records for projects that do not fall within the College’s fiscal year and/or have specific budget requirements. Projects can extend over multiple years and expenses can be categorized to match outside reporting requirements.

For example: You are awarded a federal research grant for $250,000, to be spent over 3 calendar years. $50,000 can be spent on compensation, $75,000 on equipment and the balance, $125,000 on materials and supplies. The granting agency requires annual reporting based on calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Project Accounting would allow you to run reports that cross College fiscal year and would summarizing spending based on three categories, compensations, equipment and materials. It would also show budget to actual expenses.

The form below is the first step to establishing a Project with the Business Office. If you need help completing the form or have questions, please contact

Project Accounting Request (58 KB PDF Document) — Do we still need this form? Do we want to convert it to an online form?